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Located on Treasure Island, Florida since 1966.

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Suncoast Surf Shop on Treasure Island, Florida

It's an exciting time at the shop! With the growing popularity of Stand Up Paddle Boards in the Tampa Bay Area, Joe now has a new website devoted entirely to SUP boards. Check out our new site at:

It all depends on what's in stock at the Shop. Many items are one-of-a-kind! So items on our sites may not be available...they are shown as examples of products and approximate prices. Please call for details!

(727) 367-2483

Joe has got more boards than ever to choose from. Stand up paddle boards are the latest sport and fitness craze. It's nice workout for your abs, arms and legs, while enjoying  the beautiful Gulf or Intercoastal waters. Rental one and try it out. You can sit, kneel, or stand...even take a nap on one! Also, you can fish from them, try that and you'll be hooked.

Surf_Shop_ArtSuncoast Surf Shop is one of the oldest and longest running surf shops in Florida. Suncoast Surf Shop was first started in 1966 by Joe Nuzzo as a little shop on the sand with a few surfboards and some weird posters. Now, local Treasure Island surfers, as well as Sunset Beach surfers, and all of the Gulf coast of FL surfers enjoy surfing the waves over 100 days a year, and getting surf gear at Suncoast Surf Shop! Joe's surf report has been up-dated almost every day for years. Most surfers in the area know the surf report number in their sleep... (727) 363-SURF or check here for the Surfline Resorts for West Florida (such as Sunset Beach) or Central Florida for the East Coast reports. You can also see surf reports for many areas around Florida, not just on the Gulf, and around the world for those who like to plan or dream a surf vacation.

The most popular item on this site is Joe's Suncoast Surf Shop T-shirt with the drawing of his first shop. It's a way to have a bit of Treasure Island with you where ever you go. You can order one here and request that Joe autograph it too! A world famous (well, Florida famous) suvenior to keep you smiling.

(Just ask for the autograph in the comments during online checkout!)'s not just about surfing the waves, either! Formerly known as "sidewalk surfing," skateboarding has evolved into its own world-class sport! Many Florida skateboarders know about Suncoast Surf Shop and the great selection of skateboarding equipment and skater accessories available. Check out the latest in skateboard decks, like bamboo and laminate skateboards by Sector 9. Surf online at for complete skateboards!

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