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Suncoast Surf Shop on Treasure Island, Florida

It's an exciting time at the shop! With the growing popularity of Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) in the Tampa Bay Area, Joe now devotes much of his store to SUPs. Joe offers Standup Paddle Board rentals at $50/day and $200 weekly rates. Need SUP Lessons? Learn Stand Up Paddleboarding from the pros at $50/hr. Delivery and pickup is available within 5 miles.

And...it's not just about surfing the waves, either! Formerly known as "sidewalk surfing," skateboarding has evolved into its own world-class sport! Many Florida skateboarders know about Suncoast Surf Shop and the great selection of skateboarding equipment and skater accessories available. Check out the latest in skateboard decks, like bamboo and laminate skateboards by Sector 9. Surf online at suncoastsurfshop.com for complete skateboards!

 The most popular item on this site is Joe's Suncoast Surf Shop T-shirt with the drawing of his first shop. It's a way to have a bit of Treasure Island with you where ever you go. You can order one here and request that Joe autograph it too! A world famous (well, Florida famous) suvenior to keep you smiling.

 Can't find what you are looking for? Call us. Our customer staff knows where to look. If we don't have theres a good chance we can get it for you.

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About Suncoast Surf Shop
The Shop started back in 1966 when no other surf shops existed in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. Owner Joe was going to be an airplane mechanic, only they sent him home to get a haircut, never to return, hence the new job, surf shop owner. Suncoast started with $300, a few surfboards, 12 tee shirts, a bottle of red wine and some surfboard stickers. In the 60s things were a little different.

For starters we were not accepted, as we dressed and looked different. To make matters worse, when the surf came up, which is rare on the Florida Gulfcoast, it was against the law to surf!! (Before surf leashes.) If you lost your surfboard there was always a friendly rifle-toting law officer with a bullhorn in the other hand...needless to say we lost that battle for awhile. It took some time but we finally got our surfing beaches back!!

Gulfcoast waves are rideable 70-100 days a year. Waist-to-chest waves...and during hurricane season, sometimes head-to-overhead. There were not a lot of surfers back then, not a lot of money was made in the 60s and 70s. The icon t-shirt design you see today was from a 60s photo of Joe sitting on the front step of the ol' shop, with a few boards leaning around, and a sign that read: "Surf equip and weird posters."

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Our Location

Suncoast Surf Shop

9841 Gulf Blvd

Treasure Island, Florida 33706

Phone 727-367-2483

Website: http://suncoastsurfshop.com

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Can't find what you are looking for? Call us. Our customer staff knows where to look. If we don't have theres a good chance we can get it for you.

Joe's Surf Report: 727-363-SURF (727-363-7873)

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